5 XP maps in Fortnite to boost account levels quickly

XP maps in Fortnite allow gamers to boost their account levels. This is especially important when they want to complete the entire Battle Pass or unlock special rewards, such as Chrome Punk.

It’s important to note that, contrary to popular belief, Epic Games does not ban players who use XP maps in Fortnite. Although the video game developer intended for gamers to earn experience points in Creative mode, these maps simply offer a faster way to do it.

Thanks to them, one can boost their Fortnite account level in just a few minutes. This article will reveal five XP maps in Fortnite that gamers can use to level up quickly. Considering that Chapter 3 Season 4 ends very soon, players can use these to complete the entire Battle Pass.

These XP maps in Fortnite can easily boost your account levels

XP maps in Fortnite are fantastic for increasing account levels (Image via Epic Games)This Fortnite XP map is amazing for gaining account levels (Image via Epic Games)Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. Once players join the map, they need to enter the password, 363, and then access the Rift. After this, they can interact with the invisible button on the right side.

Gamers will have to wait for 10 minutes twice, but after this period, they will receive thousands of XP. This can be seen in the screenshot above. If they need a video for reference, they can click here.

2) 5252-1751-0646


The second XP map in Fortnite is very simple and straightforward. Right after gamers interact with the AFK XP button, they will start earning XP passively. However, players can perform a few more actions to increase the number of experience points they get.

If one intends on using the map for a long time, they must make sure to enter the Bouncers Room. This way, the game will not kick them out for being AFK.

3) 7335-2078-5523

The Octane tutorial is one of many XP maps in Fortnite you can use to boost account levels (Image via Epic Games)the Octane car to Fortnite. The popular vehicle, which originally came from Rocket League, was first added to Creative mode. Considering that the car is relatively complex to operate, Epic released a special tutorial to help players with controls.

Thanks to the Octane tutorial, which is the map, one can earn large amounts of XP to boost their account levels if you simply stay on it. Moreover, if they decide to play and complete tasks on the map, they will gain even more levels.

4) 8894-8624-3296

To boost your Fortnite account levels, use this amazing XP map (Image via GKK / YouTube screenshot)AFK XP button located on the wall. Subsequently, they need to use the Bouncers Room button, so the game doesn’t kick them out.

Gamers will need to stay on this map for at least 30 minutes. After this period, they can go back to the XP Shop and interact with the Huge XP button, which will reward them with additional experience points.

5) 6973-1494-9382


After entering this map, players will need to go through the Rift on the left side and grab an assault rifle and the Grappler. Once they have these two items, they must go to the northeast corner of the map and interact with the XP button on the bumper.

What makes this one a great XP map in Fortnite is that players don’t need to do anything else to gain experience points. If they are satisfied with the amount of XP that they receive, they can simply stay on the map and gain account levels.

However, if they want to earn even more XP, they can follow the special instructions provided in the video above. By following a few extra steps, they can gain more experience, which will help them increase their account levels.

Important notes regarding XP maps in Fortnite

To benefit from XP maps in Fortnite, you will have to join a private game (Image via Epic Games)XP maps in Fortnite is by opening the game mode selection menu. From here, choose the “Island Code” tab and enter one of the codes of the maps mentioned earlier.

It’s also important to note that players have to enter a private game. If gamers don’t do this, they will be placed in public matchmaking, which cannot be used to gain XP fast. In public maps, players will not be able to interact with buttons properly, meaning that they will not be able to boost their account levels.

That said, there is no way to tell exactly how much experience one will earn from an XP map. However, if they spend a few hours on these maps in Fortnite, gamers can expect to gain at least 400,000 XP, which is equal to five Battle Pass levels.

Many XP maps in Fortnite can quickly boost your Battle Pass and account levels (Image via Epic Games)
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