Cornell research provides new insight into chemotherapy agent’s effect on DNA

New Cornell research is providing a fresh view into the ways a common chemotherapy agent, etoposide, stalls and poisons the essential enzymes that allow cancer cells to flourish. The findings, from the lab of Michelle Wang, the James Gilbert White Distinguished Professor of the Physical Sciences and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator in the College … Read more

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins reveals Cabinet reshuffle

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has announced Jan Tinetti, Ayesha Verrall, Willie Jackson and Kiri Allan are being shifted up the Labor rankings, with Nanaia Mahuta and Andrew Little dropping down. Tinetti is taking over the Education portfolio that had been Hipkins’ and moves up from number 14 to six; Verrall becomes Health Minister and moves … Read more

Solids that are also liquids: Elastic tensors

image: Figure 1: a) Isosurface of Li-ion probability density for LGPS, showing the superionic character of these materials. b) Elastic moduli for LGPS at different temperatures, calculated with dynamical sampling (T > 400 K) and with static stress-strain relations in different stable configurations (T = 0 K), showing the overestimation of the elastic response of … Read more

Tumor microbiome linked to immunotherapy succ

image: Dr. Robert Canter, lead author of the study and chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology. view more Credit: UC Davis Health In a significant new study, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers have uncovered a link between a patient’s microbiome and their immune system that can potentially be used to improve the treatment … Read more

Loss of muscle mass in the acute stage of COVID-1

The more muscle mass is lost during hospitalization for COVID-19, the greater the likelihood of developing persistent symptoms of the disease, such as weakness and so-called long COVID, which can include shortness of breath (dyspnea), persistent coughs and headaches, insomnia and anxiety. This is the main finding of a study conducted at the University of … Read more

New publishing initiative provides open access

Today, Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) announced a new transformative open access publishing agreement that will provide open access to new research conducted by Canadian scientists. This three-year agreement is an essential first step to a “made in Canada” approach to the publication of open access research, and will … Read more

Hidden bacteria presents a substantial risk o

image: Gram Negative Bacteria view more Credit: Adobe Stock Carriers of a specific hidden bacteria have a 14% chance of developing an antibiotic resistant infection with 30 days of hospitalization, according to researchers from Amsterdam UMC. Researchers studied patients who unknowingly carried the multi-resistant Gram-negative bacteria, a major cause of urinary tract infections and sepsis, … Read more