Paint him out: Katy Hessel’s retelling of art history is Waterstones book of the year | Waterstones

Katy Hessel’s The Story of Art Without Men, which began as an Instagram account highlighting female artists, has been named Waterstones book of the year. The book was chosen by the retailer’s booksellers, who vote each year for the books they have most enjoyed recommending to customers. As well as book of the year, they … Read more

Ramaphosa delays parliament appearance over ‘Farmgate’ corruption scandal | Cyril Ramaphosa

The government of Cyril Ramaphosa has plunged further into crisis, a day after an independent panel appointed by parliament said there was evidence suggesting the South African the president committed “serious misconduct” after millions of dollars in cash were reported stolen from his private game ranch almost three years ago. Ramaphosa was expected to answer … Read more

Webb, Keck Telescopes Team Up to Track Clouds on Saturn’s Moon Titan

Images of Saturn’s moon Titan, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope’s NIRCam instrument Nov. 4, 2022. Left: Image using F212N, a 2.12-micron filter sensitive to Titan’s lower atmosphere. The bright spots are prominent clouds in the northern hemisphere. Right: Color composite image using a combination of NIRCam filters: Blue=F140M (1.40 microns), Green=F150W (1.50 microns), … Read more

Mammoth DNA found in sediments likely came from long-dead animals: Research

Washington [US]December 1 (ANI): Precisely when mammoths went extinct has fascinated paleontologists for generations, perhaps because their decline coincided with the arrival of people to North and South America. So it’s only natural to wonder if humans contributed to the extinction of these enormous beasts of the ice age more than 10,000 years ago. A … Read more

Did physicists create a wormhole in a quantum computer?

An artistic representation of the quantum teleportation experiment. Physicists have used a quantum computer to perform a new kind of quantum teleportation, the ability of quantum states to be transported between distant places, as though information could travel instantly. Although teleportation is an established technique in quantum technology, the purpose of the latest experiment was … Read more