A 50-second gamma ray burst detected on Earth challenges understanding of how the Universe works

A 50-second gamma-ray burst (GRB) that swept through the Solar System has challenged the origin of such bursts – the brightest and most energetic explosions since the Big Bang. It had been thought that such long-lasting GRBs only come from the collapse of massive stars that can be tens to hundreds of times the mass … Read more

Senior Mongols member fatally coward-punched, stomped man who ‘disrespected’ gang at New Year party

JOHN KIRK-ANDERSON/Stuff Lyndon Paul Sheed at his trial for the murder of Kane Wayman earlier this year. A jury found him guilty of manslaughter. A senior patched Mongols member who fatally coward-punched a man who “disrespected” the motorcycle gang at a New Year’s party has been jailed. Lyndon Paul Sheed, 43, was sentenced in the … Read more

New interactive map lets you drop asteroids on Time Square, London or any place in the world

A new interactive map brings the 1998 film Deep Impact to life, allowing users to drop a space rock anywhere globally to watch the devastation unfold. Called Asteroid Launcherthe system lets you choose a location of impact, the diameter of the asteroid, the speed at which it hits the ground and the collision angle – … Read more

Vladimir Putin declares Russian nukes ‘more advanced’ than others

Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that his “special military operation” in Ukraine is taking longer than expected but hailed the seizure of his neighbor’s territory as a major achievement and declared that his country’s nuclear weapons are deterring escalation of the conflict. “Of course, it could be a lengthy process,” Putin said of the … Read more

Green Light May Reduce Chronic Pain Via the Brain’s Opioid System

A new study has unraveled the neural circuits that explain how green light can relieve some cases of chronic pain. The neurons ultimately activate the brain’s own opioid system. To many people living with chronic pain, routine pharmacological treatments provide no relief from their discomfort or have devastating side effects. To address these intractable conditions, … Read more

Apple Expanding 10-Minute ‘Everyone’ AirDrop Limit to All Users With iOS 16.2

With the launch of iOS 16.2, Apple is expanding an AirDrop limitation that was introduced in China with the launch of iOS 16.1.1. Going forward, AirDrop will be primarily restricted to Contacts Only, and the option to turn on AirDrop for “Everyone” will be limited to 10 minutes. Right now, AirDrop has three options: “Receiving … Read more