Minister Andrew Little left in no doubt about despair, outrage in the health workforce

Andrew Little had few definite answers for action as he listened to the complaints. Photo: RNZ / Angus Dreaver Medical specialists have taken the opportunity to tell Health Minister Andrew Little just how bad things are on the frontline. He was grilled on his plans to alleviate pressure on workers during the Association of Salaried … Read more

Waiuku woman’s road to recovery after horror four-wheel drive crash

Sam Olney is paralyzed from the waist down after a 4-wheel-drive accident in the Kaimai Ranges on September 13, 2022. Video / Michael Craig An Auckland woman wants to walk again after surviving a horror crash in the Kaimai range that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Samantha (Sam) Olney, 24, was with her … Read more

Bullied staff crying in toilets as ‘toxic workplace’ for Christchurch anesthetic technicians revealed

A bullying and toxic work environment causing resignations and staff feeling threatened needs urgent change, a review into the Christchurch Anaesthetic Technician (AT) workforce says. The damning review found the service needed a cultural and systemic overhaul of its leadership, employee well-being, policies and processes – which Te Whatu Ora Canterbury says is underway with … Read more

What Would Dinosaurs Look Like Today If They Never Went Extinct? : ScienceAlert

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid hit the Earth with the force of 10 billion atomic bombs and changed the course of evolution. The sky darkened and plants stopped photosynthesizing. The plants died, then the animals that fed on them. The food chain collapsed. Over 90 percent of all species disappeared. When the dust settled, … Read more

Rhythm and Vines apologize for ‘inappropriate’ statement issued by co-founder Hamish Pinkham

Rhythm and Vines has apologized after an “inappropriate” statement was made earlier this week. Photo / Supplied A Rhythm and Vines spokesperson has apologized for an “inappropriate” statement made by the festival’s co-founder/director Hamish Pinkham. Earlier this week Pinkham spoke regarding the festival’s decision to book Dizzee Rascal despite the UK rapper being found guilty … Read more