A Bizarre Case of Hypertension Immunity

By Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association November 24, 2022 High blood pressure almost always causes the heart to become weaker. Surprisingly, certain patients with the mutated PDE3A gene were immune to hypertension-related damage. Scientists in Berlin have been studying a strange hereditary condition that causes half the people in certain … Read more

Proton beam therapy for cancer to be available in Singapore by early 2023

SINGAPORE – Proton beam therapy, an advanced form of radiation treatment that can target cancer tumors with greater precision and minimize damage to surrounding tissues and organs, should be available in Singapore by the first quarter of 2023. The Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Center at the new National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS) building in … Read more

Fossils of a tiny sea creature solve century-old debate over brain evolution in arthropods

Fossils of a tiny sea creature that died more than half a billion years ago may compel a science textbook rewrite of how brains evolved. A study published in Science – led by Nicholas Strausfeld, a Regents Professor in the University of Arizona Department of Neuroscience, and Frank Hirth, a reader of evolutionary neuroscience at … Read more

14 Best Black Friday Google Device Deals (2022): Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, Nest Cam

Google started its Black Friday deals early, but the price cuts are still going strong. Pixel phones, Pixel Buds wireless earbuds, and smart home gadgets we like are seeing substantial discounts—even devices that launched barely a month ago. Updated on November 24, 2022: We’ve added the Nest Mini and Nest Audio. WIRED’s Black Friday Coverage … Read more

Black Friday PC gaming peripherals deals

The last Friday of November is finally upon us, and with it, the traditional barrage of Black Friday deals. Naturally, our first and primary job around this time is to hunt down smartphone deals for you. However, we here at GSMArena tend to be general tech geeks with broad interests – cool PC peripherals being … Read more

One in eight older adults developed depression for the first time during the pandemic: Study

Toronto: Approximately one in eight older adults developed depression for the first time during the pandemicaccording to a study conducted in Canada. For those who had experienced depression in the past, the numbers were even worse, the study said. By the autumn of 2020, almost half (45 percent) of this group of 20,000 older adults … Read more

Man Keeps Rock For Years, Hoping It’s Gold. It Turns Out to Be Far More Valuable : ScienceAlert

In 2015, David Hole was prospecting in Maryborough Regional Park near Melbourne, Australia. Armed with a metal detector, he discovered something out of the ordinary – a very heavy, reddish rock resting in some yellow clay. He took it home and tried everything to open it, sure that there was a gold nugget inside the … Read more

Development of a wearable belt with integrated sensors for measuring multiple physiological parameters related to heart failure

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a group of heart and blood vessel diseases such as myocardial infraction, commonly known as a heart attack, heart failure, rheumatic heart disease and pulmonary arterial disease1,2. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CVDs are the number one cause of death with an estimated 17.9 million deaths around the world1. … Read more