How This Ford Falcon XB GT Concept Religiously Revives The Iconic Australian Muscle Car

Timothy Adry Emmanuel takes Australia’s first-ever muscle car and gives it a modern makeover with this Exclusive 2023 Ford Falcon XB GT Concept.

Australia might be a small continent, but its car culture is as iconic and vibrant as it gets. Muscle cars have been a major driving force for the love of raw sports cars in Down Under. And the Ford Falcon XB GT has been a major pivoting point of the 70s muscle car love for the Aussies.

Another reason for the unwavering fame of Ford Falcon is because of its iconic role in the 1979 Mad Max movie as the wild ‘Interceptor Pursuit Special’. Let’s just say that this Ford had the same effect as the Pontiac GTO had on us here in the US. It made people fall in love with raw muscle power.

But there wasn’t a faithful successor to the Falcon XB GT. And that’s where our render-magician, Timothy Adry Emmanuel, comes in and creates a modern-day reincarnation of the 70s Falcon XB GT muscle car. He has done a fantastic job ‘modernizing’ the classic muscle lines without disrupting the iconic shape. Even the dual color scheme has been replicated with more flair.

It is no surprise that the Ford Falcon XB GT is a celebrated muscle car today. After all, the 60s American Ford Falcon platform was used to create the iconic Ford Mustang! So yeah, muscle runs deep with the Falcon nameplate.

To keep the Falcon XB GT’s legacy rolling, Emmanuel has given his HotCars Exclusive Rendering, a worthy and reliable V8 engine. And it is enough to make the 2023 Falcon XB GT Concept the “Dark Horse” of Down Under!

If Ford Australia was ever to bring the iconic Falcon XB GT back, our rendering gives them the perfect revival blueprint. And it will surely stand tall will the likes of its cousin – the 2023 Ford Mustang Dark Horse; and fist it out with arch-rivals – Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger.

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Our Falcon XB GT Concept Adds More Muscle To The Iconic Aussie Muscle Car

Ford Falcon XB GT HotCars Exclusive Concept with the 1970s Falcon XB GT on the road rendering
HotCars | Timothy Adry Emmanuel

Emmanuel has done a fabulous job of recreating the 70s Falcon XB GT aura onto a muscle car of 2023 standards. This Ford Falcon XB GT Concept, apart from the impressive visual throwback, has nothing in common with the classic Aussie icon. But Emmanuel has elevated his muscle appeal in all the right ways.

The front fascia is reminiscent of the classic Falcon XB GT. The four-pot headlamp design has been retained but gets converted to LEDs. The bumper is beefier and gets a cool splitter that adds more visual brawn. Taking things further is a chunky hood with two intake cut-outs, similar to the original.

Ford Falcon XB GT HotCars Exclusive Concept with the 1970s Falcon XB GT rear third quarter view on the road rendering
HotCars | Timothy Adry Emmanuel

This also gives us a hint about the monster V8 lurking below! The side profile is clean yet muscular. There is a prominent shoulder line that runs straight across the length. The third-quarter fender is one of the sickest we have ever seen on a concept muscle car. It gets a neatly integrated cut-out at the bottom to provide additional cooling for the rear disc brakes.

Syncing with the front splitter is a blacked-out side-skirt layout. The rear profile gets a major overhaul with a chunkier rear fascia and slimmer LED tail lamps. The fastback design has been retained and elevated with a cool new duck-lip spoiler finished in black.

The rear bumper is longer, meatier, and complimented by a sick blacked-out diffuser. Completing this cool 70s reincarnation is a custom set of 10-spoke alloy wheels, finished in black. The 2023 Falcon XB GT sits lower and has a wider wheelbase and track.

2023 Ford Falcon XB GT Concept Gets The Most Powerful Ford V8 Yet

Ford Falcon XB GT HotCars Exclusive Concept front fascia view
HotCars | Timothy Adry Emmanuel

The 70s Falcon XB GT came with a slew of engine options. But the one that tickled the most was the most powerful 351ci (5.8-Liter) V8 engine. Back in the day, this monster churned out 300 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, and the best choice of transmission was a four-speed manual. It was unmistakably one of the most powerful muscle cars from Down Under.

And to keep that flame alive, Emmanuel has helped us pack in a worthy V8 engine that stays true to the iconic Falcon XB GT’s legacy. Powering this meaty Falcon XB GT Concept is the same 5.0-Liter Coyote V8 that the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse Packs.

In the stock form, it churns out 500 hp and 418 lb-ft of torque and is the most powerful non-Shelby Ford engine ever made. And if we are being too ambitious, slapping on twin turbos on this Coyote V8 is going to make a lot of Aussies grin!

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This Falcon XB GT Can Transform Into The Coolest ‘Pursuit Special’

Ford Falcon XB GT HotCars Exclusive Concept with the 1970s Falcon XB GT side view on the road rendering
HotCars | Timothy Adry Emmanuel

Another reason for the 70s Falcon XB GT’s rise to fame was its iconic role in the 1979 Mad Max movie. That car was based on a 1973 XB GT Falcon. The blacked-out movie car with a massive Weiand 6-71 supercharger popping out of the hood has become a cult classic. And many have made replicas for the love of movies.

Ford Falcon XB GT restomod render front 3/4 outdoors
HotCars | Timothy Adry Emmanuel

Emmanuel has also given our modern-day Falcon XB GT the ‘Mad Max’ treatment with an outlandish drag-spec built. It gets an even wilder protruding blower. This Mad Max treatment is a lot more vibrant with chrome and purple, unlike the original ‘Interceptor’ which was black and sinister. And it is as wild as a modern day Mad Max Pursuit Special can get!

Our Falcon XB GT Can Be The Next Iconic Aussie Muscle Car

Ford Falcon XB GT HotCars Exclusive Concept in yellow side view
HotCars | Timothy Adry Emmanuel

The Ford Falcon XB GT was Australia’s first-ever muscle, and that makes it very important. Emmanuel has managed to create a beautiful mirror image of the iconic 70s muscle car with styling and performance that stands tall with 2023 standards. We believe that Australia is long overdue for the Falcon GT successor. And our Exclusive Concept rendering might be the closest it can get to preserving nostalgia and packing in awesome modern muscle power!

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