7 of the biggest dating trends of 2022

Dating trends seem to have come and gone like an ebbing tide this year. It feels like there’s been a new catchphrase almost every week defining the dating landscape – be it cuffing, explori-dating, snow-storming or back-burner relationships. But there have been some (almost) constants that singletons on dating apps have come to rely on, … Read more

Surgical Treatment of Vitiligo

Vitiligo, an autoimmune disorder causing hypopigmentation, has traditionally lacked research on effective therapies given the common misconception that it is solely a “cosmetic issue”. Research on vitiligo has contradicted this idea and has demonstrated that vitiligo can cause significant patient morbidity by affecting the quality of life and self-esteem of patients.1 It can even cause … Read more

Adele Roberts reveals her stoma will not be removed after bowel cancer battle

Adele Roberts has revealed that her stoma is staying for the ‘time being’ as she gave an update on her bowel cancer battle. The former Big Brother star, 43, was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer last year and has since been fitted with a stoma bag while she waits for her colon to heal … Read more

Apple’s Shock MacBook Pro Decision

Updated Nov 29: article was originally posted Nov 26. Apple’s pricing strategy has always felt stable – the products are more expensive than similar devices in the same category, but many feel the premium is worth paying. While other manufacturers may discount their products, Apple’s pricing was consistent, which makes Apple’s decision to offer discounts … Read more

To Battle Climate Change, Scientists Tap Into Carbon-Hungry Microorganisms for Clues

Newswise — Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have demonstrated a new technique, modeled after a metabolic process found in some bacteriato convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into liquid acetate, a key ingredient in producing “liquid sunlight” or solar fuels through artificial photosynthesis. The new approach, reported in Nature Catalysiscould help advance carbon-free alternatives … Read more

How I re-fell in love with Samsung’s magic beans (Sorry, Apple, don’t want your AirPods Pro)

True wireless earbuds… By now – the end of 2022 – they have really, really improved. Remember the first AirPods that started this craze? I wasn’t exactly on board back then, since they looked ridiculous, and didn’t seem like a worthy solution to any existing problem. But Apple kept improving their product, Samsung, Sony and … Read more

Court to rule on Friday whether secret Hutch recordings can be allowed into evidence

The audio evidence was played at the non-jury court over three days last week and a hearing into its admissibility concluded today The court’s three judges are to decide on the admissibility of the surveillance tapes made when Mr. Hutch was being driven to Northern Ireland by ex-Sinn Fein councilor Jonathan Dowdall weeks after the … Read more