Scientists Patent a New High-Performance Radio-Absorbing Material

Scientists Patent a New High-Performance Radio-Absorbing Material

Credit: SUSU

As part of the New Advanced Materials strategic project under the Priority 2030 program, SUSU scientists have patented the development of radio-absorbing composite materials, the composition and structure of which provide efficient absorption of electromagnetic radiation and the ability to control this process. Currently radio-absorbing materials are compositions and paints consisting of a polymeric binder and filler, which can absorb electromagnetic radiation effectively. The disadvantages of this material include the inability to control the absorption spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. SUSU scientists have created a new material that allows it to regulate the absorption spectrum of the material electromagnetic radiation and fine-tune its microwave magnetic properties. This effect is achieved due to the use of high-entropy powder material with an M-type hexaferrite structure as the basis of the filler.

“High-entropy materials are a new class of materials of great scientific and practical interest. Today, developing suitable compositions of high-entropy materials with the required properties is relevant. A powder filler made of a high-entropy material with an M-type hexaferrite structure is a distinctive component of a new generation of composite radio-absorbing material,” commented Olga Zaitsevaauthor of the patent, senior lecturer at the Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering.

Adjusting the quantitative composition of the filler—powder (Ba(Fe, Sn, Zn, Ga, Al) 12O19) and the iron content allows to smoothly change its magnetic and electrophysical characteristics, which leads to the possibility of changing the level of absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

The characteristics of the material vary according to the required level or power of the reflected/absorbed electromagnetic wave. This material was obtained by scientists using the solid-phase synthesis method in the SUSU laboratory as part of the work under the UMNIK program. The experiments were conducted in the Laboratory of crystal growth, headed by Denis Vinnik, Doctor of Chemistry. The invention can be used in the field of radio engineering, in materials and coatings for absorbing electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency range. Also, radio-absorbing material is used in anechoic measuring chambers and components for microwave devices.

South Ural State University is a university of transformation, where innovative research in science and technology development is carried out. Following the strategy of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, the university focuses on the development of major scientific interdisciplinary projects in the field of the digital industry, materials science, and ecology. In 2021, SUSU won the competition under the Priority 2030 program. The university performs the functions of a regional project office of the Ural Interregional Scientific and Educational Center of the World Level (UMNOC), designed to solve the tasks of the national project “Science and Universities”.

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