Understanding endemic and novel zoonotic spillovers from rodent trapping studies

The global impact of novel zoonotic pathogen spillovers has been highlighted through the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic caused by the rapid outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus. In the past, similar effects were recorded during the HIV/AIDs and Spanish Influenza pandemics. Study: Rodent trapping studies as an overlooked information … Read more

key protein identified that helps the spread of skin cancer

In this interview, News-Medical speaks to Dr. Jeremy Carlton and Professor Victoria Sanz-Moreno about their latest research into the spread of skin cancer. Please can you introduce yourself and tell us about your professional background? Carlton: I’m a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, and I run a lab at King’s College London and the Francis … Read more

Recent Advances in Treating HIV

IntroductionWhere are we with HIV today?What are the current therapies?What are the challenges?Prospects for future treatmentReferencesFurther reading Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the causative viral agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), is a devastating and lethal disease that has caused widespread suffering worldwide for almost half a century. We still have no cure for this disease. … Read more

2022’s Advances in Research, Care, and Prevention

Share on PinterestFrom newly approved medications to promising research on the road to a potential cure, 2022 was a year filled with significant advances in HIV care and prevention. Natalie Zotova/500px/Getty Images Significant advancements in HIV research, care, and prevention happened over the course of 2022. Health experts say that long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapies for … Read more

Improving neuroplasticity accelerates hearing among cochlear implant recipients

Kick-starting the brain’s natural ability to adjust to new circumstances, known as neuroplasticity, improves how effectively a cochlear implant can restore hearing loss, a new study in deaf rats shows. Researchers say the investigation may help explain why some implant recipients respond so much better to treatment than others. Unlike hearing aids, which amplify, balance, … Read more

Community health worker program delivers low-cost device to improve hearing in older adults

A first-in-kind program that trains trusted older adult community health workers to fit and deliver low-cost hearing technology to peers with hearing loss significantly improved communication function among participants, according to the results of a randomized clinical trial led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers. A first-in-kind program that trains trusted older adult community health workers … Read more

HIV outbreak persists as officials push back against containment efforts

Brooke Parker has spent the past two years combing riverside homeless encampments, abandoned houses, and less traveled roads to help contain a lingering HIV outbreak that has disproportionately affected those who live on society’s margins. She shows up to build trust with those she encounters and offers water, condoms, referrals to services, and opportunities to … Read more

Progress toward an eventual HIV vaccine

December 13, 2022 At a Glance An experimental HIV vaccine elicited broadly neutralizing antibody precursors in people. With further development, the approach could lead to an effective vaccine strategy for HIV and AIDS. More than 1 million new HIV infections occur each year. Ending the global HIV/AIDS pandemic will require an effective HIV vaccine. Vaccines … Read more

Enveloped viruses show greater cross-species transmission, according to new research

A study published in PNAS Microbiology found that enveloped viruses harbor greater cross-species transmissibility and are more likely to cause zoonotic infections than nonenveloped viruses. The research suggested that viral envelopes aid these pathogens in evading host immunity. Study: Enveloped viruses show increased propensity to cross-species transmission and zoonosis. Image Credit: Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock Background Zoonosis … Read more

Tips to avoid and fight sexual health diseases in men and women | Health

While it is important for people to be aware of AIDS and take necessary precautions to avoid it, it also becomes important for people to know about their overall sexuality health, which means being aware of different sexually transmitted diseases, how they are contracted and how to protect oneself from them. There are a variety … Read more