For me, Invasion Day is a chance for reflection. Is Australia as a nation all it should be?

This Invasion Day I am as far from Australia as I can get without leaving the country. I am on my land. Wiradjuri land. Ngurrambang, in our language. Here I can stand in the place of my ancestors. With my Miyagan, my family. I can greet my father by saying marang ngarin, good morning. Here … Read more

Justin Welby defends £100m fund to ‘address past wrongs of slavery’ as churches struggle

Following the announcement of the new fund, parishioners and clergy criticized the Archbishop for “suddenly” having “around £100 million behind the back of the sofa” when vicars are losing their jobs and parishes are being merged. However, the Church Commissioners said that its new fund is vital in redressing the “shameful and horrific sin” of … Read more

Why do some Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in January?

Every year on January 6 and 7, millions of Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, almost two weeks after their western counterparts have already feasted and ring in the New Year. For several countries in Europe, including Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia and Belarus, parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and African countries such as Egypt … Read more

Pope Benedict XVI funeral: Pope Francis leads funeral for predecessor, a first in modern times

Rome CNN — Pope Francis paid tribute to his predecessor former Pope Benedict XVI Thursday, in a funeral attended by tens of thousands of mourners at St. Peter’s Square. The funeral marked the first occasion in modern times that a pontiff had presided over the funeral of his predecessor – and the first ever of … Read more

Benedict XVI, first pope to resign in 600 years, dies at 95

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI sitting in St. Peter’s Basilica as he attends the ceremony marking the start of the Holy Year in 2015. Photo / AP Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the shy German theologian who tried to reawaken Christianity in a secularized Europe but will forever be remembered as the first pontiff in 600 years … Read more

5 things to know for Dec. 28: Immigration, Snowstorm, Southwest, Trump’s taxes, Gas

CNN — In certain corners of the internet, some women are expressing nostalgia for an era they’ve never known. These millennials and zoomers are glamorizing the aesthetics of 1950s Americana – donning retro fit-and-flare dresses and posting vintage illustrations of aproned housewives who submit to their husbands. Here’s what else you need to know Get … Read more

Nobody likes the Rwanda scheme, but controlling migration demands tough choices

If you attended a church service over Christmas, chances are you’ll have heard some reference to asylum seekers. Sermons about refugees are as much a part of our seasonal traditions as the solo at the beginning of “Once in Royal David’s City”. This year, the High Court having just ruled that we may deport illegal … Read more