5 things to know for Dec. 7: Senate, Trump Organization, Gas prices, Apple, China

CNN — When astronauts snapped an image of Earth 50 years ago, no one knew it would become one of the world’s most widely reproduced photographs. The striking portrait of our planet, known as the “Blue Marble,” was taken on this day in 1972 – and still fills us with awe decades later. Here’s what … Read more

House Republicans seek testimony from Twitter employees

CNN — House Republicans say they will seek congressional testimony from top Twitter employees who oversaw the company’s handling of a New York Post report on Hunter Biden’s laptop in public hearings when Republicans officially reclaim control of the House in the next Congress, indicating that probes into digital content moderation will figure prominently. On … Read more

The very last 747 jumbo jet is about to roll off Boeing’s assembly line

New York CNN Business — After 53 years and more than 1,570 planes, the last Boeing 747 is set to roll off the assembly line in Washington state Tuesday, on its way to serve as a cargo plane. The once-groundbreaking jumbo jet, with the distinctive second-floor bulge, is perhaps the most notable and popular plane … Read more

Nearly 2,000 Ford Dealers Buy Into EVs

Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) Around two-thirds of Ford‘s dealer network in the US has signed up for the company’s electric-vehicle certification programthe price of batteries for electric cars is on the rise for the first time in over 10 years, and United Airlines is looking at Delta’s pilots’ contract as the template. These stories … Read more

UK takes fresh stab at internet rules as EU framework surges ahead – POLITICO

LONDON — The United Kingdom wants to police the internet. Shame the European Union got there first. Brexit was supposed to let Britain do things faster. But less than a month after the 27-member bloc’s Digital Services Act (DSA) went into force, London is still struggling to cobble together its own version of the rulebook, … Read more

ChatGPT: This AI chatbot is dominating social media with its frighteningly good essays

CNN — Imagine if Siri could write you a college essay, or Alexa could spit out a movie review in the style of Shakespeare. OpenAI last week opened up access to ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that interacts with users in an eerily convincing and conversational way. Its ability to provide lengthy, thoughtful and thorough responses … Read more

More than two dozen Taylor Swift fans sue Ticketmaster

New York CNN Business — Don’t mess with Swifties. More than two dozen Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster parent Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. for “unlawful conduct” in the pop star’s chaotic tour sale, claiming the ticketing giant violated antitrust laws, among others. The lawsuit, filed in a California court on Friday, alleges Ticketmaster and … Read more

Athena Strand abduction: Texas man arrested for kidnapping, killing 7-year-old girl who went missing from her home’s driveway this week

CNN — A driver working for FedEx was arrested and charged Friday in the kidnapping and killing of a 7-year-old girl who had disappeared from her home’s driveway in Texas earlier this week, police said. Athena Strand’s body was recovered Friday evening, Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said at a news conference. “It hurts our … Read more

Army Wanted To Spend Millions On Call of Duty, IGN For Gen Z

Image: Activision The US Army’s gamer to soldier pipeline is hardly a secret at this point, but new documents show its recent, detailed plans to spend millions to recruit Gen Z through gaming-related sponsorships and ad campaigns. The partnerships ranged from Call of Duty Twitch streamers to sponsor content at IGN and G4with the aim … Read more

CNN’s chief outlines changes to network after layoffs, including end of live programming on HLN

New York CNN Business — CNN on Thursday executed sweeping layoffs and implemented a series of changes that impacted multiple divisions across the news organization, including ending live programming on HLN, the company’s chief executive, Chris Licht, said in a memo to employees. “The changes we are making today are necessary and will make us … Read more