Oldest DNA reveals life in Greenland 2 million years ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists discovered the oldest known DNA and used it to reveal what life was like 2 million years ago in the northern tip of Greenland. Today, it’s a barren Arctic desert, but back then it was a lush landscape of trees and vegetation with an array of animals, even the now … Read more

PRHC expands COVID-19 assessment center for cold, flu, RSV care – Peterborough

Peterborough Regional Health Centre is joining neighboring hospitals by expanding them COVID-19 assessment center to include testing and treatment for other respiratory illnesses including the cold and flu. The hospital announced Wednesday that appointments can be made for the newly named COVID, Cold and Flu Clinic by calling 705-876-5086. Patients must be one year of … Read more

Why WHO has declared measles an ‘imminent global threat’

By Michael Head for The Conversation One consequence of the pandemic was reduced access to routine healthcare and lower uptake of immunizations. As a result, in November 2022, the World Health Organization declared measles to be an “imminent threat in every region of the world”. They described how a record number of nearly 40 million … Read more

Baby blood donor vaccine battle: Judge rules in favor of Te Whatu Ora, child to receive transfusion in surgery

A crowd gathers outside the Auckland High Court as an urgent hearing takes place to decide the care of a baby whose parents refuse to use blood from vaccinated donors. Video / NZ Herald A High Court judge has ruled in favor of health authorities who sought court guardianship of a seriously ill baby boy … Read more

POTATOES could hold the cure for cancer

Potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants could hold the key to beating cancer, experts believe. Polish researchers say studies have suggested glycoalkaloids, naturally occurring chemicals also found in peppers, goji berries and huckleberries, possess some cancer-fighting properties. And they think bioactive compounds in vegetables can also help patients dodge the brutal side effects of existing treatments. Scientists … Read more

BC doctor pushing for flu vaccine clinics at schools across the province

A BC doctor is encouraging the provincial government to consider establishing flu vaccine clinics at schools to make it more convenient to get immunized. Vancouver family physician Dr. Anna Wolak says school-based clinics would ensure the vaccine is connected directly with people who need it. The school system is currently used to administer vaccines in … Read more

Congress set to rescind the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops

WASHINGTON (AP) — The COVID-19 vaccine mandate for members of the US military would be rescinded under the annual defense bill heading for a vote this week in Congress, ending a directive that helped ensure the vast majority of troops were vaccinated but also raised concerns that it harmed recruitment and retention. Republicans, emboldened by … Read more

Numerous Kelowna pharmacies report depleted supply of flu vaccine – Okanagan

At the Juniper pharmacy downtown Kelowna, BCflu vaccines are still available — but only for those 65 years of age and older. “We’ve run out of flu shots for 64 and under,” said pharmacist Craig Plain, adding the demand for flu vaccines is still high. “We’re still getting five to 10 phone calls every day … Read more

Feeling sick? How to know if you have COVID, RSV or the flu

It’s a triple threat. After years of isolating and masking, influenza, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all hitting harder and earlier this cold season in a phenomenon that’s been dubbed a “tripledemic.” During Thanksgiving week, roughly 20,000 Americans were hospitalized with the flu, the most for that week in more than 10 years, … Read more