‘I’ve just murdered my girlfriend’: Aussie coroner’s report reveals horrifying details of brutal killing of Christchurch woman by Kiwi boyfriend

Kate Bell, 31, was murdered by her boyfriend in his Melbourne apartment in the early hours of October 10, 2020. Photo / Supplied Four months after meeting on a dating site in Australia, Rahul Patel murdered his Kiwi partner by repeatedly striking her with a weight plate as she slept. A short while later he … Read more

Baby A death: Kiwi nurse Georgina Melody criticized by mother’s lawyer

Questions about whether more could’ve been done to prevent dairy worker killing, Black Friday is officially here and police ask for help in the search for a Kāpiti woman in the latest New Zealand Herald headlines. Video / NZ Herald A Kiwi nurse at the center of a probe into the death of a newborn … Read more

‘Really taking in the beauty of the place’: Jack Johnson’s secret Kiwi itinerary revealed

Jack Johnson is returning to New Zealand for the first time in five years and he’s pretty excited. Photo / Supplied It’s been a while since Jack Johnson last visited New Zealand. Five years to be precise, but as the saying goes, absence – or in this case time, makes the heart grow fonder. When … Read more