Top 5 things coming to GTA Online in new winter update

GTA Online’s new winter update has finally been announced by Rockstar Games. In a recent newswire post, the developers announced a big update for the game, which will implement some interesting features and major gameplay changes in the coming weeks. The winter DLC 2022 is going to be a multi-part patch, and fans can expect … Read more

Top 5 GTA RP servers to join in December 2022

Roleplaying is one of the most popular gameplay elements in GTA. While the base game of Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer version are already popular, with thousands of active players every day, the RP servers have given them a new level of popularity. Roleplaying games are custom-modded servers created and maintained by third-party … Read more

5 Foods to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

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Top 5 fastest XP farms in Minecraft 2022

Experience is a vital resource in Minecraft for various reasons, especially when it comes to enchanting items and reaching a high post-death score allocation. Since this is the case, players are always looking for quick and effective ways to farm experience orbs. Fortunately, Minecraft’s community is incredibly innovative in creating experience farms. Various farm forms … Read more

5 best Free Fire characters in OB37 version

Free Fire is a well-known mobile battle royale shooter with several unique features that make it even more exciting. The in-game character abilities are among the aforementioned special features of the Garena-backed survival shooter, which make the gameplay quite engaging. Players get a vital tactical advantage with the help of in-game characters. However, every alternative … Read more

5 unique vehicles that GTA Online players should acquire before this year’s winter update

GTA Online’s upcoming winter update is just around the corner and players need to know what to get before it arrives. Right now, there are a lot of unique vehicles available at Black Friday sales throughout November 28, 2022. Players can easily get a 40%-50% discount on various vehicles, including yachts, aircraft, and new cars. … Read more

5 upcoming games with realistic-looking graphics

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5 GTA Online cars that sound great with a Turbocharger installed

GTA Online features a variety of different cars that players love to buy and collect. Motorheads love the engine’s sound, especially when the vehicle is equipped with a turbocharger. There are many such cars available in the game that sound exceptionally great with a turbocharger installed. Some vehicles come with a turbocharger installed, while others … Read more

5 GTA San Andreas cars that need to return in GTA Online

GTA Online has made a concentrated effort to bring old cars back into the fold, but a few are still missing from GTA San Andreas. With every major update, Rockstar loves to give players a blast from the past. GTA Online reintroduced the Bravado Greenwood in the Criminal Enterprises DLC. The vehicle hasn’t been seen … Read more

5 best GTA Online vehicles from Criminal Enterprises update

GTA Online has showcased plenty of summer vehicles in the past few months, but only a select few truly stand out. The release of the Sentinel Classic Widebody is the beginning of the end for the Criminal Enterprises DLC. 18 vehicles have been included in the latest update. With that in mind, GTA Online players … Read more