10 Dividend Aristocrat stocks expected by analysts to rise up to 54% in 2023

Stocks of companies that raise dividends have consistently outperformed during this year’s bear market. Below is a screen showing which stocks are analysts’ favorites for next year among an expanded list of Dividend Aristocrats. That’s followed by a list of Aristocrats with the highest dividend yields. First, let’s define this group of stocks. Holding up … Read more

People still afraid of catching COVID-19 are costing the US economy billions of dollars

More than two years after the coronavirus pandemic began, social distancing is keeping some workers from going back to work. That’s according to this working paper distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Some people are not prepared to let their guard down — in the knowledge that COVID-19 has not gone away. Some … Read more

Moving is not fun. When you’re older, it’s even worse.

Almost everyone who completes a move and settles into their new place sighs and says, “That’s the last time I’m moving.” There’s no research to prove that. But who doesn’t dread moving? It’s stressful from start to finish. And for older people, it’s even tougher. They’ve got to prune their belongings, hire and manage movers … Read more

‘Somehow we live check to check.’ We make over $200K a year, but owe $100K on HELOC loans, never learned to save money and feel like we’ll never be able to retire. Do we need professional help?

Do you need a financial adviser? Getty Images Question: My wife and I are looking for help. We have never really learned how to save money, and we are really terrible at it. We both come from poor families who lived off government assistance. She and I now both make over $100K a year, but … Read more

An extra $834 a month: Millions of Australians set for blow as RBA weighs up eighth consecutive rate rise

The Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to raise interest rates for an eighth consecutive month, causing more headaches for mortgage holders. The RBA’s board is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, when experts predict they will once again raise the cash rate in a bid to curb Australia’s rising inflation. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Kochie rips … Read more

Tech layoffs may not be a bad omen for the US economy at large

10’000 Hours | Digitalvision | Getty Images A recent wave of layoffs in the tech sector may lead American workers to wonder whether their job is next on the chopping block. So far, evidence is scant that the thousands of cuts at major technology firms — Meta, Amazon and Twitterto name a few — are … Read more

As BlockFi files for bankruptcy, what to know about crypto protections

The BlockFi website on Nov. 17, 2022. Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images Crypto firm BlockFi filed for bankruptcy Mondaythe latest cryptocurrency domino to fall after the collapse of FTX two weeks ago threatened to destabilize companies in the broader crypto ecosystem. BlockFi offers a cryptocurrency trading exchange and interest-bearing custodial service for cryptocurrencies. The distressed … Read more

Here’s why married couples might want to sign a postnuptial agreement

Vitapix | E+ | Getty Images While couples might sign a prenuptial agreement before they’re married and a “post-nup” after, it’s more than just the timing that differentiates these arrangements, experts say. “It’s a whole different ballgame once you’re married,” said Martin Shenkman, estate attorney with Shenkman Law in New York City. “With a pre-nup, … Read more

NSW family of seven stuck living in a tent amid housing crisis

For four weeks, Patricia Thompson bore the full brunt of Australia’s escalating housing crisis. She, her partner and their five children were crammed inside a torn, old tent as they waited helplessly for a house to live in. The tent wasn’t a long-term solution for the family-of-seven, with a strict deadline approaching for them to … Read more

Retailers roll out stricter return policies ahead of the holidays

The holiday shopping season is always closely followed by a spike in gift returns. But this year, it may be harder to bring things back for free or at a low cost. Roughly 60% of retailers said they’re making changes to existing returns policies, with fewer promising free returns, according to a recent survey of … Read more