For me, Invasion Day is a chance for reflection. Is Australia as a nation all it should be?

This Invasion Day I am as far from Australia as I can get without leaving the country. I am on my land. Wiradjuri land. Ngurrambang, in our language. Here I can stand in the place of my ancestors. With my Miyagan, my family. I can greet my father by saying marang ngarin, good morning. Here … Read more

US professor sues university over Prophet Muhammad image row | Religion News

A professor in the United States has announced plans to sue a Minnesota university following a row over her showing a painting depicting the Prophet Muhammad during a lesson on Islamic art. Hamline University, a small, private school in the city of St. Paul, chose not to renew Adjunct Professor Erika Lopez Prater’s contract after … Read more

Justin Welby defends £100m fund to ‘address past wrongs of slavery’ as churches struggle

Following the announcement of the new fund, parishioners and clergy criticized the Archbishop for “suddenly” having “around £100 million behind the back of the sofa” when vicars are losing their jobs and parishes are being merged. However, the Church Commissioners said that its new fund is vital in redressing the “shameful and horrific sin” of … Read more

Why did Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI resign, and how common is it for Catholic popes to quit?

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI has died, aged 95, almost a decade after his resignation as head of the Catholic Church. The German Cardinal — whose birth name is Joseph Ratzinger — was elected as pope at the age of 78. He replaced Pope John Paul II, who died, aged 84, at the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace … Read more

Some Ukrainians move up Christmas to part ways with Russia

BOBRYTSIA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainians usually celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, as do the Russians. But not this year, or at least not all of them. Some Orthodox Ukrainians have decided to observe Christmas on Dec. 25, like many Christians around the world. Yes, this has to do with the warand yes, they have the … Read more

Bethlehem rebounds from pandemic, lifting Christmas spirits

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) — The biblical town of Bethlehem marked a merry Christmas on Saturday, with thousands of visitors descending upon the traditional birthplace of Jesus as it rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic. Tourism is the economic lifeblood of this town in the occupied West Bank, and for the past two years, the pandemic … Read more

Why Europe’s ‘least religious country’ is among the best at Christmas

Miloslav isn’t having much luck. A fundraiser for a Christian charity, he’s left kicking at the snowy ground as people evade his attempts to strike up a conversation near a Christmas market in Olomouc, a city in the eastern Czech Republic. “Many people don’t want to stop talking about Jesus Christ; they prefer to drink … Read more

Devout Christians awarded damages after their application to become foster parents was rejected

A Western Australian tribunal has found a Christian couple were discriminated against when their application to foster a child was rejected because of their view that homosexuality is a sin. Key points: A Perth couple whose application to become foster parents was rejected has been awarded $6,000 in damages The foster agency, Wanslea Family Services, … Read more

Why Christians must not give up on Britain

I was in Edinburgh at the weekend and, with Christmas only days away, decided to pop into the Catholic cathedral for confession. Anticipating a big queue, I arrived 15 minutes early – an unnecessary precaution because by the time the priest sat down in his box, only two of us were waiting. Habits are dying … Read more