New interactive map lets you drop asteroids on Time Square, London or any place in the world

A new interactive map brings the 1998 film Deep Impact to life, allowing users to drop a space rock anywhere globally to watch the devastation unfold. Called Asteroid Launcherthe system lets you choose a location of impact, the diameter of the asteroid, the speed at which it hits the ground and the collision angle – … Read more

Dinosaurs ‘were not in decline when an asteroid hit 66 million years ago’

It is well known that the reign of the dinosaurs came to an end when a giant asteroid smashed into the Earth 66 million years ago. But where there is less scientific consensus is whether the creatures were already in decline before the Chicxulub space rock wiped out more than 75 percent of the planet’s … Read more

World’s oldest DNA is discovered in Greenland dating back two MILLION years

It’s a discovery that sounds right out of a Jurassic Park film. Scientists have found two-million-year-old DNA for the first time, breaking the previous record by one million years. The microscopic fragments, each a few millionths of a millimeter long, were found in ice age sediment in northern Greenland. The DNA has allowed experts to … Read more

How to get your own avatar on WhatsApp

Now you can have your own AVATAR on WhatsApp: Users can create a digital version of themselves from billions of combinations of hair styles, facial features and outfits WhatsApp has revealed a new feature for people to create personalized avatars Feature has been steadily rolling out to beta testers for a couple of months now … Read more

Short men have psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies to help them appear powerful, study finds

With #ShortKingSpring trending on social media earlier this year, it would seem like the trope of ‘tall, dark and handsome’ for the perfect man has finally had his day. Heartthrobs Joe Jonas and Tom Holland, both 5’8″, are often seen proudly walking on the red carpet with their taller significant others of Sophie Turner and … Read more

Father-of-three captures spectacular images of Mars and the moon using a telescope in his back garden

When you look up at the night sky from your garden, you might catch a glimpse of a few stars if you’re lucky. But father-of-three James Flanagan wanted a better view, and pointed his ‘middle of the road’ telescope towards outer space to get a closer look. He has since seen a lunar mountain range, … Read more

Construction begins on the world’s biggest telescope costing £1.7 billion

Construction has officially begun on the world’s largest telescope – the £1.7 billion Square Kilometer Array (SKA). This telescope will initially comprise 197 dishes and 131,072 antennas spread across South Africa and Australia respectively, but will be headquartered in the UK. It will have many scientific goals, including searching for extra-terrestrial life, testing Einstein’s theory … Read more

Apple-1 ‘Byte Shop’ computer hand-numbered by Steve Jobs is up for sale at $240,000

A fully-functional Apple 1 computer has gone up for sale – and could be yours if you have a spare $241,000 (£196,000) lying around. The ‘amazing’ machine, which is hand-numbered by Apple founder Steve Jobs, comes with ‘all components and accessories required for operation’. Bidding currently stands at $241,557 and ends on December 15 – … Read more

Could this wearable for COWS improve the world’s food systems? New device tracks health markers

Could this wearable for COWS improve the world’s food systems? Scientists build a device to track health, location and environmental effects to prevent diseases and improve efficiency Scientists built a smart device for cows that can track their vital signs as they roam around grazing on grass The unique device is actually powered by the … Read more