Wales vs Iran, live updates, news, scores, results, how to watch, England vs USA, Qatar vs Senegal, Netherlands vs Ecuador

All 32 World Cup competitors have played their first match in Qatar. Now the group stage heats up, with elimination well and truly on the line – as is qualification to the Round of 16. And Friday night began with a stunning match as another Asian confederation nation pulled off an upset, with Iran beating … Read more

Cheetahs could soon be EXTINCT in the African Savannah, study reveals

Cheetahs are an iconic animal of the African savanna, but scientists warn this majestic cat and other large carnivores are on the brink of extinction – and humans are to blame. Along with the spotted mammals are wild dogs and hyenas that could soon disappear due to habitat loss, human persecution, and reduced prey. Researchers … Read more

Brisbane Lions hosting grand final, Springfield, training ground, $80m home venue, criticism, Richmond, Punt Road, fans locked out, Brighton Homes Arena

The AFL has come under fire for allowing Brisbane to host the AFLW grand final at a venue that’s “nothing more than a glorified training pitch”. On Friday the Lions won the right to host the season seven decider, but with both the bigger Gabba and Metricon Stadium unavailable, Brisbane has turned to their new … Read more