Altered amino acid metabolism could contribute to diabetes-associated peripheral neuropathy

Approximately half of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes experience peripheral neuropathy – weakness, numbness, and pain, primarily in the hands and feet. The condition occurs when high levels of sugar circulating in the blood damage peripheral nerves. Now, working with mice, Salk Institute researchers have identified another factor contributing to diabetes-associated peripheral … Read more

Study shows synergistic effects of vitamin D3, omega-3s and exercise on pre-frailty prevention

The research evaluated a subset of participants from the wider DO-Health healthy aging study – a multi-center clinical trial carried out in a generally healthy population of community-dwelling European adults aged 70 and over in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and Portugal . “In this three-year, double-blind, randomized controlled trial among 1,137 older adults who were … Read more

Prenatal folic acid may lower the risk of obesity among children born small for gestational age

Data has shown that children born SGA — those with a birth weight below the 10th percentile for babies of the same gestational age — have a higher tendency to develop obesity. To examine the joint effects of prenatal folic acid, iron and multivitamin supplementation on the risk of obesity in preschoolers born SGA, a … Read more

Vitamin D may be metabolized differently in people with an elevated BMI, study finds

Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a founding member of the Mass General Brigham healthcare system, have found new evidence that vitamin D may be metabolized differently in people with an elevated body mass index (BMI). The study, appearing in JAMA Network Openis a new analysis of data from the VITAL trial, a large nationwide … Read more

Prebiotic supplementation reduces blood pressure among people with hypertension – Australian trial

The study included 20 people who were given food for three weeks that either contained the high-fiber supplement, a resistant starch called HAMSAB at 40g, or contained a placebo (corn starch or regular flour with no added resistant starches). The group who ate the diet with resistant starch had a clinically significant drop in their … Read more

Study finds fewer cases of melanoma among regular users of vitamin D supplements

Fewer cases of melanoma were observed among regular users of vitamin D supplements than among non-users, a new study finds. People taking vitamin D supplements regularly also had a considerably lower risk of skin cancer, according to estimates by experienced dermatologists. The study, conducted in collaboration between the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University … Read more

L’Oréal and Johnson & Johnson launch smart, inclusive beauty devices at CES tech tradeshow 2023

The annual CES tradeshow, organized by the Consumer Technology Association and considered one of the most influential tech trade shows in the world, was a space many brands used as a launchpad for their newest tech innovations. And this year, two of beauty’s majors launched products – L’Oréal with two prototypes and Johnson & Johnson … Read more

NZ firm hits $140m in 18 months

Photo / Supplied. SRW claims scientific advances in cellular system supplements. Just 18 months after launching a pioneering range of products to support health and well-being as we age, business is booming for SRW Laboratories. The Auckland-based biotech works at the cutting edge of science and research to formulate its dietary supplement products, and has … Read more

Unexpected findings on the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection

A new paper in Biology Methods & Protocols, published by Oxford University Press, investigates risk factors and protections against contracting COVID-19, and also for suffering from severe COVID. Researchers identified several characteristics – including male sex, lower age, blood group B, and larger household size – that increased the risk of infection and many other … Read more