McCarthy officially denies Schiff and Swalwell seats on the House Intelligence Committee

CNN — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday officially denied Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell sit on the House Intelligence Committee. “I appreciate the loyalty you have to your Democrat colleagues, and I acknowledge your efforts to have two Members of Congress reinstated to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” McCarthy wrote … Read more

McConnell plans a backseat role as McCarthy battles the White House over the debt ceiling

CNN — Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell has engineered ways out of a devastating debt default in the past. This time may be different – ​​at least for now. Facing the riskiest debt ceiling standoff in a dozen years, Senate Republican leaders are planning to take a backseat role and let the newly empowered House … Read more

Santos named to two House committees even as he faces growing calls to resign

CNN — Embattled freshman Rep. George Santos has been awarded seats on two low-level committees after House Republicans debated where to put the New York congressman, who is facing mounting legal issues and growing calls to resign for extensively lying about his resume. Several GOP sources told CNN that the House Republican Steering Committee, controlled … Read more

George Santos: Republicans shy away from resignation calls as Democrats renew push for more information

CNN — More House Republicans on Sunday stopped short of calling on embattled New York Rep. George Santos to resign, while two Democrats made a fresh push for more information from GOP leaders. Republicans back home in the GOP freshman’s Long Island district, however, doubled down Sunday on calls for him to step down. Santos … Read more

George Santos said accused ‘Ponzi scheme’ he worked at was ‘100% legitimate’ when accused of fraud in 2020

CNN — Republican Rep. George Santos, said a company later accused of running a “Ponzi scheme” was “100% legitimate” when it was accused by a potential customer of fraud in 2020, more than a year before it was sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Once the company, where he worked, came under federal … Read more

House passes ‘born alive’ abortion bill

CNN — House Republicans are spotlighting the issue of abortion as they roll out their legislative agenda in the new Congress – a move that comes after the Supreme Court’s highly consequential decision last summer to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. The GOP-led House voted on Wednesday to pass a bill that … Read more

George Santos: Nassau County GOP calls for congressman to resign

CNN — Leaders of the Nassau County Republican Party on Wednesday called for Rep. George Santoselected to represent New York’s 3rd Congressional District in November, to resign from office over his lies to voters and fabrications about his personal life. “Today, on behalf of the Nassau County Republican Committee, I’m calling for his immediate resignation,” … Read more

House Oversight chairman seeks Biden family financial transaction data

CNN — Rep. James Comer, in one of his first moves as House Oversight Chairman, is seeking information from the Treasury Department about the Biden family’s financial transactions and calling on a handful of former Twitter executives to testify at a public hearing. The new round of letters from the committee comes as House Republicans … Read more

Biden is facing sharp questions after document revelation

CNN — President Joe Biden is facing sharp new questions about his handling of classified documents as he prepares for a summit with the leaders of the US’ neighboring nations. The news that several classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president were discovered last fall at his private office in Washington, DC, broke moments … Read more

GOP leaders scramble to secure a vote for the House rules package

CNN — The House is expected to vote Monday evening on the rules package for the 118th Congress, in what will mark the first test of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s slim Republican majority after he made key concessions to GOP hardliners to win the gavel. McCarthy’s concessions to the hardliners frustrated some centrist House Republicans, … Read more