Fast intervention for 10 to 13-year-old ram raiders and robbers – new Govt package

Hundreds have attended a protest against the Government’s law and order policies in Queen St, Auckland. Video / Alex Burton The Government is looking to break the cycle for New Zealand’s youngest recidivist offenders through a new fast-track intervention approach aimed at 10 to 13-year-olds as part of a new youth crime package, the Herald … Read more

Details revealed of new ‘circuit-breaker’ plan to keep vulnerable Alice Springs children off NT streets

Alice Springs residents are “holding their breath” to see whether a plan to take at-risk young people off the streets and to secure accommodation will help break cycles of youth crime in the town. Key points: A program, which takes young people into temporary accommodation if they are found roaming the streets unsupervised at night … Read more

Focal Epilepsy Diagnosis Delay Increases Suicidal Ideation Among Youth

In a recent retrospective, observational study on focal epilepsy, the results showed that delays in diagnosis are associated with an increased prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviors among younger individuals.1 This study provides new evidence on the characteristics associated with SI in adolescents with newly diagnosed focal epilepsy based on the evaluation of seizure … Read more

Youth programs in remote communities help close the gap, but many say they are chronically underfunded

Federally funded remote youth programs in Central Australia have been thrown a lifeline and had their funding extended, but operators say the fix is ​​a bandaid that fails to address ongoing funding woes in the sector. Key points: The federal government’s National Indigenous Australians Agency has awarded interim funding for several programs that were set … Read more

Younger Singaporeans expect to retire earlier and ‘in style’ with S$6,000 monthly expenses, but worry they can’t afford it: OCBC report

SINGAPORE — A majority of young Singaporeans in their 20s worry that they cannot afford housing and retirement, but some of them are aiming for a retirement lifestyle that would cost almost S$6,000 a month. This was a finding from a recent study done by OCBC bank. Its Financial Wellness Index 2022, published on Tuesday … Read more

Australia facing questions at the UN about ‘horrific’ issues and ‘significant concerns’

In the same week ABC’s 4 Corners revealed allegations of abuse inside a West Australian youth detention facility, the United Nations has been grilling Australia over its treatment of people in detention. Key points: Australia is facing questions about youth and immigration detention, Indigenous incarceration and Aboriginal deaths in custody A UN committee member described … Read more